Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Let it be... so there will be

The garden chores are still ON, and I don't mind them. Not that I minded them over the summer, but now it's different. More relaxed somehow.
Re: the title of this post.
I have written a small story as a homework for our writers' group.
The task was to use ten special words, but I'm not the dadaistic type, you know, I seek meaning.
So my story is about a middle aged woman who is meeting her former friend only to realize that said friend and she have parted ways, drifted apart...since who knows when... but now they have nothing in common.
She is not really happy with her finding, but not really sad, either, because this is just how things are.
I wrote this story and read it aloud among my mates in the writers' group. They said this and that and I edited the text and then edited some more. And then I stopped editing.
I realized that one single short story can (may) not tell all the aspects of this phenomenon in one go.
I wrote what I did because that is how I felt at the time of the writing.
Now I have changed and my focus has probably shifted.
The subject (drifting apart) still bugs me, so I guess I will have a second attempt and a third, and all will (or may) be different from each other.
But if I keep editing the first one, there will be none.
So I decided to allow my writing to have its faults and hiccups and whatnot.

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