Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another task

We were given lots of tasks in the first meeting.
Some of them I described in the posts beneath this one, and there's one left.
It was called : Change your life.
At first, you had to choose an important event of your life. Most preferably, it needed to be a conflict, an exciting moment, something with lots of emotions involved.
Once you had this memory in mind, you had to write it
1-in first person singular
2-in third person singular
3-having different POVs,
preferably from each person involved
4-with all the persons 15 years older/younger
in a completely different set of emotions (say, if the original story was happy, now you had to write a sad one)
6-in a completely different set of events, but with the exact same set of emotions (say, if you had an uplifting story with a birth involved, you had to re-write it about, say, a car accident, but with the same uplifting tone.)
I'm sorry but I don't have the time to translate my versions, I might do this some time later...But not now.
I chose an event that happened to my son in his classroom.
There were him, his best friend and a bad guy (a third classmate) and this bad guy's best friend in the story. I wrote it from each of their point of views.
I chose to re-write the story when the characters were 20 years older. The guys became co-workers. The whole event has taken up a more detached tone, with a tired feeling.
For number five I chose that the bad guy was good.
For number six I changed the setting to a skiing camp, where the main character decides not to go on with the camp so as to avoid something that made him fear.
It was really interesting to see how different the monologoues of the different characters were. The most difficult thing for me was to define the range of emotions (for tasks # 5 and 6).
The most challenging task was to write #6. Interestingly though, once I had a sparkle of inspiration I finished it off quite quickly and nicely.
This #6 was the one I read aloud at the second meeting.
I wonder what people thought the original story was....
'll be back with more news soon.