Monday, May 4, 2009

Third meeting

The third meeting is due today.
In the email circular our leader suggested that there would be less projects and more fun in the classes.
This time I am way behind with my homeworks. We had like 4/5 tasks and I'm finished with 2.
One of them was to revise one (or one part of) my previous work.
I have two ongoing projects (wips). One is Halo, the other one is called Copper Moon. I have not contributed a single line to the latter in more than a year. Do you think it means I will never ever finish it? I don't think so. I want to finish Halo first, you know.
So, since none of my longer-sized wips are ready I re-composed a poem instead.
It is a simple 8-line paganistic poem.
I adjusted the number of syllables so as to have the same length of lines, removed 2 cliches and 1 inappropriate word. I chose more suitable words and expressions. Also I changed 1 word to avoid unnecessary repetition.
This poem is written in Hungarian.
I usually do this revision as a habit, you know.
Now the strange thing was to do it deliberately and with defined methods.
I tend to write impulsively, which sometimes results in quite a flow of words, sometimes with not a word at all for weeks. I assume this is not the right way, but I find it hard to manage and control my inspiration. I don't even know if any control is possible.
Whenever I'm finished with something I usually check the thing over to remove and unwanted repetitions, cliches, misused words, inappropriate subjects and objects, verb usage, grammar and so on.
I do it impusively, too -
How your writing's going?