Friday, November 25, 2011

the first few feedbacks

the first two chapters of my novel called 'Copper Moon' were published on a website of a publishing house. they are having a challenge for a month, i guess: each day a new novel (the first 10 thousand characters of it) are published and the readers are encouraged to read, comment and criticize the excerpts.

the publishing house does not really relies on the results of the public - they have their own editors to evaluate the writings.
those who are found good by the editors will get published, either on paper or on e-book, or both.
well, today was my day and so far i have a ratio of 1 (positive) to 3 (negative) comments.
mind you, those that disliked my novel were phrasing their opinion quite matter-of-factly, so nothing intrusive or personal. the most important failures of my novel, according to these people, are: the unexplainable time and event shifts; overflow of poetic description, which they found boring; and finally they found it hard to follow, they thought it was obscure and fuzzy.
the one person who liked it said my sentences are gorgeous and that she liked my style.
i guess both parties have just points.
go figure.
and i'm just learning the way to react and accept these reactions.
not easy, not easy.
one moment i'm all 'my writing sucks and these people have pointed out my flaws so correctly....', while in another moment i'm seeking potential ways of improvement, while yet in another moment i'm all 'what the hell do these people know about my protagonist, anyway?', and in yet another again: 'jeez, it's not enough if i know a lot about my mc, i have to make other people know more about her in the right and proper way.'
happy thanksgiving for those who celebrate it!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaNo 2011: a decision

i call it quits.

as official.
well, may be, later on, or next November.
i am not heavy hearted, or anything.
this decision just seemed logical for many reasons:
1-lack of strong drive to write the story. feeling unprepared.
2-being excited about the possible new jobs
3-being occupied by many really important tasks around 'the opening of the season'
okay, i'm moving on.
implying i'm gathering new elements, analyzing experiments and emotions from the past - all these will later be incorporated into my story.
as for a working title, i am thinking about Lunae Saturni, latin for Moons of Saturnus :)
i wish to connect/relate events and/or people in the story to certain different moons. i fancy about getting information about the celestial objects and find relation to certain issues/persons/plotlines within my story.
i think it sounds nice and may, yes, may turn out great in writing, provided that the writing is good. :)
note to myself: what is this new found obsession with moons?

Monday, November 7, 2011

reality check :)

do i like the thing i wrote in 2010?


do i like the idea i was about to write about in 2011 as much as i liked the idea of copper moon?

do i feel the drive, the need to write as much as i felt in 2010 about copper moon?
no. not ever near.

do i have two job offers pending?

are they quite good?

have they appeared quite out of the blue?
yes, very much.

did i have any job possibilities in 2010?

does our family have financial problems this year?
very much, yes.

do i prefer being reasonal?

do i give up on NaNo 2011 altogether?

it this self-interview over?

did you like it?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

oh, shoot.

dear visitor, take a look at the sidebar :(

see me in shame for not having written a word in this year's NaNo...
the thing i wrote in 2010 got the interest of an editor. she asked me to send it in and now i have a couple of days to polish it.
i think it is quite reasonable to stick to reality.
i have copper moon and it might get some publicity.
i rather care about something that is within reach and only needs a bit of touch* here and there - than letting it go for something that does not even exist...
and it's only the second day...
* i know, i know...that littler touch here and there might take days or weeks...pondering, re-phrasing, re-structuring... whatever...
copper moon _is_, the other thing (the novel i am supposed to write in 2011) is not.