Wednesday, August 25, 2010

*covers head*

my dearest readers,

please accept my apologies for not replying you sooner.
i have two blogs in english and one in hungarian and this particular one is the one i frequent the least these days.
as you probably know this particular blog is dedicated to writing 'copper moon' and 'halo' - so when i'm not writing and have nothing to say about writing these pieces; well, than i say nothing.
i have not posted a single line since march; which means these projects has been out-of-work since march.
i am sorry for that -
but now, behold!
kindest vesper has made an offer to review 'halo' - which offer i simply was unable to turn down, i think you all understand ;)
so... this is just great news i think.
vesper will be of good help for me to polish the short story.
i hope all's well with you...
please check my replies for your kind comments in the previous post.