Saturday, March 12, 2011

the hunt for copper moon

basic situation:

at home we have two computers.
one for me (work and hobbies like blogging and writing) and one for my son (for playing). the second one has some internal problems so the sound comes out distorted.
this computer has a great monitor, but it sometimes just decides to go wrong.
about two weeks ago:
my computer said hello and was unable to find disk c and d...
fortunately, these are on a mobile rack, so i was able to switch to the second computer and was happy to see that my manuscript of the novel, along with some other writings (that are unavailable anywhere else) are still readable and manageable.
until this very day, when this second computer just does not find racks e and f (those named c and d on the first computer)
it might or might not mean that i lost my writing.
i might or might not go mad
i hate computers.

Friday, March 4, 2011

kind of a whining

there was this guy on the online literary site who saw a couple of paragraphs from my manuscript. he was quite unimpressed i guess.

he kept telling me it was 'bad', the 'words were unsuitable', and finally that 'even an 8-year old does better'.
i see his point: he doesn't like my writing.
no problem with that.
but for god's sake.
putting his opinion this way is anything but helpful.
i asked him a couple of times to make his point clearer.
i asked him to name actual failures.
like... 'the verb in the second sentence (in paragraph 3) does not suit the action.' or.... 'when Margaret seeks advice from his father, there are too many blah sentences between them'...
like... i think you get it.
but no, he kept repeating that is was bad completely and kept referring to people who decided to throw away complete manuscripts....
so, i kindly asked him to leave it alone.
just leave it alone.