Monday, April 28, 2008

Fighting the obvious

I have not written anything in the past couple of days.
Good news? Bad ones? Definitely bad, for me. But the value of my non-writing to literature is a completely different question. You see, today I screened through the fight scene, only to find horrible sentences like this one:
Hail’s left foot moved forward and raised his sword above his own head.
Bitter moments, my dear. When I came accross things like this in my own writing I ask myself the obvious: why?
Plus: Why English, for God's sake?
I do want to finish it.
Part of me wants to finish it as soon as possible - to get over this. Part of me wishes to wait until I'm relaxed and able to concentrate on writing. I think I'm listening to the second half of me.
I made the photo on 27 April, 2008. It is an ancient Hungarian martial art called Baranta (all 'a'-s are pronounced like the vowel in the English word 'one'.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Full Moon

She's hiding among her courtsladies.
So is my inspiration.
A dry spell? Perhaps.
Loss of interest? I don't think so.
The end of my WIP is still awaiting to be written.

As I mentioned earlier I took up the habit my MC has in Halo. I must confess I'm almost living the life he has. Almost.
I'm grateful for the difference.
Have you created any heroes that you'd gladly swap life with?
Or, if you are not a writer, which fiction character's life would you most like to take over?
Let me see.
From the LOTR series, I'm definitely partial to Eowyn. She's faithful, supportive and fierce. She's got strong emotions towards her man, her country and her kindsmen.
And you?
If your choice is not so well known, please support your choice with a short description of him/her.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I woved not to expose any excerpts from my WIP.
If my work was to published, this might make sense.
But now it does not. OR not really.
The photo depicts my son, aged 11+, who likes to hide himself in clothes, especially when being photographed :-)
I think I chose not to give out samplings because I wanted to finish it first. This I will stick to. I don't want to be disturbed or digressed because of peer's opinion. But once I'm done your opinion is of extreme importance for me.
What's your idea on flashing?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

statistics - UPDATED

Heehee, I'm done with the fight scene.
This is my first-ever fight scene. It is 555 words from the very beginning to the end.

I have never, ever written a fight scene before. The valuable notes of my fellow bloggers were of great help in starting and finishing it. I'd like to express my thanks to Bernita, Charles and both Steves.
First of all, I made a small draft which composed of the basic events.
It went something along this: after the first few chops, MC retreats, finds a suitable shelter to get into the back of the antagonist and with a surprise attack, gets his head off. Searches his clothing and finds a map inside. These words were the skeleton I used.
When actually writing the scene, I found MC retreating into a small cave where he found out that he might as well use a charm upon his enemy. This charm slowed down the enemy's movements. This idea came as strikingly new to me at that point....
Later on I recognized I was listening to Cole Porter's 'When they begin the beguine' taken from the film De-Lovely :)
Unintentionally, I imagined the antagonist following the swaying motion of that music...
The total words count is 4895. I'm not finished with it yet. There are at least 3 scenes left.
For the interested, here's the videoclip, taken directly from the movie. Thank you YouTube.
UPDATE: in the comments section, where upon Ropi's question I ponder about the importance of first things. You may add your own two cents about the importance of doing things (anything) 'first'.

Friday, April 4, 2008

too good?

Having finished a larger chunk of official work, yesterday I returned to writing Halo. I did not write much, I added just a few lines.
When I was done (and my family did not let me go on with my writing any longer...arrgh...) I noticed that these lines might just as well be suitable for my other, long-neglected WIP.
It makes me uneasy.
It makes me feel that there are similarities between the two works.
To be honest, there are similarities and I knew them right from the start.
Or almost from the start.
I'm determined to finish off Halo first, but those lines felt somehow too good for it.
Then I felt ashamed.
Is there a thing as too good in writing?
Isn't it that the writer has to write up to his upmost capacity and bring out all the feelings he has inside and master it with practical skills up to his best knowledge?
If a line, or a paragraph feels awesome and great - that is how it should be, isn't it?
One should not save a great paragraph for just in case - should he?
For later works?
For whatever might come along the way?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

experience all right

Without spoiling the plot of Halo, it is about a man who has a strange addiction.
Now the idea came into my head unexpectedly when I started writing it for the contest held by Jason, but now...
Things are taking an interesting turn.
Although I found that some traits of the main character resemble me, I kept a distance. The problem he's in is much more deeper than the one I face. His addiction is much more profound. This is what I used to tell myself.
I thought finding a virtual solution to Hail's problems would help me as well. Or at least, his solution might give me some information about the way out.
In fact my problems are not serious at all.
This is what I used to tell myself.
*coughs again*
What else can I say?
I think I got to finish it before it's too late.