Friday, February 27, 2015

no problem, no writing

and it is the other way around as well....

I will no longer cheat myself into believing I am a writer.
I do not want to finish it off, or call it a life, whatever.
It's just that I no longer pretend that my writing is not therapeutic.
If something bothers me, I elaborate on the subject.
Be it a personal, or a second~hand experience, a feeling, a haunting memory, illness of mind, the state of being content, excited or aroused.
I let it out in writing, work my way into it, give an alternative life to it, and finish it off.
But when there is nothing to tickle me I do not write.
No problem?
No writing.
No writing?
No problem.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Reality vs. writing

I was wondering the other day and I gathered that I was not a writer.
Writers write about anything.
I do write, per se, but my writing is sporadic; and is based on direct experience.
In writing non fiction my motive is to show or find a solution, to say goodbye to a former problem, to create an alternative history, be it better, or worse, than reality...
But it is always based on personal experience.
I am yet to come to terms with this finding.
And I end this post here for I am tired of writing so many I's and my's.
In the meantime, my gastro short story is in the editing phase.
There are two parts to it. The first part is quite fine I guess. The second one is a bit tougher.
This photo (made by me in Prague, the Czech Republic on July 2014) shows the place where the final paragraph of the first part happens.

Oh, I love that first part.
It is about something that should (might) have happened, while actually it never did. It is a story of a man (a married man) and his platonic lover, who is not his wife.
The second part of the story takes place in a lovely home, in the kitchen to be more specific, between said husband and his wife.
Why is the first part the better one?
Okay, you don't have to answer that :)  :)
But you know what...
Answer I dare you :)
Hee, hee.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's history

The will to write for the history~themed fiction contest is history.
I wanted to shed some light on some of the lesser known part of our history. I thought it was a good motive. An educational purpose.
But without a good story, it's just a motivation and not a story.
The end.
With that said, I read a lot, do my duties and try to carry on.
I believe the chance will come.