Tuesday, March 13, 2012

writing course

the large publishing house, the one that had the novel contest is starting a virtual writers' course. the curiculum is tailored to each and every writer's needs. 
there will be tasks and lectures on various aspects of writing.
the bottom line? is that the course sounded great, but due to the high fee, was out of my reach.
and just guess what happened today?
three writers who took part in the novel contest were selected to enter the course free of any charge.
guess what, i am one of them.
i can't tell you just how excited i am.
i will surely let you know about some details as the course commences.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

some more info

ahem, i am better informed as of now :)
Copper Moon was found good by one of the two editors (that is one positive reaction) and has not yet been seen by the publishing house main editor (sorry for not being familiar with the English terms, but i think you get the meaning :)
the story now will get read by the second editor.
if s/he accepts it, my novel goes to the main editor.
if s/h finds it good, too - the novel will be published as an e-book.
and the main editor might find it good enough for paper.
publishing on paper is expensive, more expensive than on e-material, anyone can see that, but i've been told that if the first (electronic) story does well, my second story might get easily published on paper.
so this is where we are now.
more news on that by the end of this month.
i find the option about the 'second novel' a bit funny, and out-of-reach, because i don't just write a novel on order and i don't write it easily ... :))