Saturday, January 16, 2016

A video about the opening

There is a video HERE, please follow the link.
(for those of you only wish to see me, check at 1:13. I am standing in the far left with an orange scarf. And also at 1:20 again and at 1:33, too. I guess it is not much of a pain to watch between 1:13 and 1:37)
The paintings are cool and some of my favourites are shown from 2:10.
As for the recital.
I had three poems to read and I almost learned them by heart. At the peace of my empty home, when no one was around I was able to recite them almost completely. Like... I had to check one or two times.
I learned to play with the words in order to convey the message or let the words shine more. Or more obviously.
At the event however, I was a bit nervous.
There were so many people around. There was a microphone.
I looked more than two times into my papers, but the feedbacks and congratulations indicate that I was able to recite loudly, clearly and to the audience (not onto my paper). My husband said that I seemed to have immersed myself into the poems somehow and that my reading was lively.
I really tried to do my best :)

Sunday, January 10, 2016

An update on the paintings

For details, see the post just below this one.
But it turned out that I will not read my poem only, but two other small poems as well.
Oh my.
It seems that the leader of our writers' group was so impressed by my reading at the "Garage Sale" event (see some posts below) that she wanted me to read aloud my poem and two others as well.
These two poems, written by a fellow member in the writers' group are kind of simple at first sight and funny in a certain way. They contain some play on the words, but all in one, they are a bit depressive
They have words like 'nuclear apocalipse' and 'Geiger Mueller meter' and 'scafander' and 'irreversible'.
In a sense I am lucky, though. The event will take in the Community House of Arts of our town and I am familiar with that building. This is where I go to every week for our choir rehearsal. The opening ceremony will take place in the big hall and this is where the photos will be on display, too.
Last time we finished our choir session I stayed a bit longer in the building until no one was there in the hall and tried to say some of the complicated words aloud.
It felt weird, yet I knew I was doing the right thing.
I never would have guessed I would be thrilled with this kind of acting. If anyone asked me like 10 years ago like hey, how about reciting three poems at a public event, I would have freaked out at the very idea. Now I see it as if I had another tool at my hands to explore the world.
I have no idea how it will turn out.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

A poem for a painting

My writers' group has met a young artist, a painter. She is going to have an exhibition on 14 January 2016, and we, member of the group were asked to contribute with small poems.
During the opening ceremony our poems will be read and I suppose all poems will be printed out and positioned beside the paintings on the wall.
This young lady has a special talent and this is the painting that inspired me the most. (Please follow the link.)
She has many other interesting works like this and this, but the deadline for submitting the poems is 4th, so I am happy to have come up with one. :)
I will be reading it on the 14th :)