Thursday, April 14, 2016

Reflect the feelings

Last time we had a meeting with our writers' group we were given a short task. We had to write a couple of sentences about a place.
The description of the place had to reflect the emotions you felt when you were there at that specific place.
A really interesting and useful exercise, indeed.
Have you tried it?
Did you like it?
Do you use this intentionally or unintentionally in your writing?
I think this method is like salt.
If you don't use it, your writing may become dull. A much needed one indeed, but one that should not be overused.:)
I wrote about 6 to 8 sentences and the leader of our group said she needed this particular piece for the upcoming anthology. Only that I have to expand it into at least one page. Geez.
I am good at cutting out material. Expanding is a pain :) 
But I have not given up.