Thursday, November 22, 2007


no, not around me :))))

If there's any halo around here that shold be given to IllMan for his photo that inspired me to write the initial piece of the story. I have to mention his credits from time to time b/c people are asking if the photo up there was mine. Well, not mine. Thank you IllMan!

It's the title of the short piece I am to expand for a better understanding.
I keep writing it, trying to expand from 250 to 1000-1500 words.
The story keeps slipping out of my hand, poetic elements snake along, where I don't really want them.
It's a short story about someone who's addicted to computer games.
There's no need for poetry, is there?

Question of the day:

Have you experienced a work in progress slipping from one genre to another?
What do you do?
Pull on the harness a bit more?
Let the thing go off?
A mixture of both?
Was it an easy question?

Update: a photo of the Full Moon.

Made on 23 November, 2007.

Monday, November 19, 2007


I've taken up the idea of finishing another short story before completing this one here. That one is a 250 word piece I wrote some months ago, which at that length, was way too complicated and difficult to understand.
I understood it ah too well, because I had it in my head, but appearantly none of the readers did.
I'm planning to ue this as an exercise to do some planning and USE my plans as well.

Question number 1.
Do you often totally re-write your stories? OR: Do you oftern turn a short story into a long one?
Does it often happen to you? Why?
How does it affect you? And your relation to the story?

Question number 2.
If you understand the flow of events and motives for actions in the story, do you still re-write it? What would be the force to make you re-write a story completely?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a bad lie

I'm sure you have all heard of the saying that goes along something like this: 'the objective justifies the method'. The end justifies the meaning.
That's so untrue.
What's your take on that if you think of writing, writing skills and subjects/stories/characters?
Let's have a friendly debate, shall we?
In the comments section, a Hungarian young man relates the subject to Harry Potter. Since I have NOT read book 7 YET, I would like to ask you NOT to mention any hints and spoilers re:HP, any number. Thanks.
I think I have to clarify the main point of this entry.
By methods I ment serious sickness involved in plots, events, characters, and also the lack of a catharsis.
By objective I wanted to refer to the effect a writer can have on the reader. An intense feeling that can be uplifting and constructive, helpful, even. Which feeling is quite the opposite if one reads a story that uses one or more of the methods described above.

Friday, November 9, 2007

my favourite quote

is this, and I'm almost sure I'm rephrasing it, unintentionally...if there's anyone out there who knows WHO said it and exactly what his/her words were, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments.
There it goes:
'Do not compose anything unless its non-composing becomes a positive nuisance to you'
I've heard this like ages ago and am mesmerized by it eversince.
If I had to choose guidelines for writing, and basically, for any other creative stuff, this would definitely make into the top 3.
Why quoting this and why now?
I've found out the obvious: I've started writing Copper Moon because I felt the urge, the need to some inner change. Or, the change that was already taking place within, the boil of events inside me has simply brought up this, as a byproduct.
I still think it's a great idea and worth writing, but the drive is now at one of the lowest peak ever.
I might still be writing it anyhow.
We'll see.
Now, don't tell me not to give up. Because I'm not that easy come easy go type. If I stick my mind to doing something I'll be doing it. It would take a serious reason to deter me from my original plan. I...I'm just re-evaluating my reasons, you know.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

polishing involves two major problems

I keep returning to the first Chapter, or rather, to the first few lines of the first Chapter and keep dragging text from here to there. And sometimes, back again.
Sometimes it seems I'm lost.
See - It does not really seem to matter where I place a particular fragment now.
Either way seems fit.
It's like making a quilt, where you have the patches, but it's almost indifferent as to where you place a particular patch.
The thing is - it is not.
I keep re-visiting the text, and keep abandoning it to let it sink.
But too much sinking might result in letting it sinking to depths unattaianble .