Thursday, June 28, 2007

a deal

I'm looking for my lost inspiration to go on with the short story. I'm trading it for my newly found happiness. Shipments are awaited soon.

But wait - I might as well enjoy being content and easy-going with life and my circumstances for a while....

I don't know which will last longer: will happiness stay? will its remaining keep inspiration away or will it re-invite it? Will inspiration return once happines's gone? Will it not?

Oh, my.

Can the roads to ultimate happines, those are: being happy AND being able to write be parallell lines, running along each other? I pray them be.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


and headache. Some musical inspiration by Jane Siberry.

I finished the Endpiece. Clearly, I am not finished with the whole project, NOWHERE near finishing it! I started writing a Preface some days (was it weeks??) ago, while biking home alone in a lonely street. I just started off singing a tune and I knew it would fit the beginning of this project. I'm so glad I have scribbled that down somehow and later I introduced it among the drafts in this blog. I kept revisiting and re-writing it, though ever since but was unable to finish it. Now I think I'm done.
You might or might not like it - and I will surely re-edit it before publishing.
This entry was just on a little bit of encouraging note to myself.
Kids were put to bed a good two hours ago and I'm alone...finally...
(I'm so glad.)

Friday, June 22, 2007

another week passed

it is getting harder by the day....

I can't seem to get enough time alone to re-enter myself into the world of the project or the world of the project into myself.
It has started to getting on my nerves by now.
Kids are at home, thousand things to do around the hose, as usual with a house, husband's at home and he's getting really really angry at my ideas of wanting to be alon in front of the computer.
As long as he does not object my writing, I should switch to writing into an excersise book.
So far: I have done some (very little!!) research into the town where the short story takes place.

Monday, June 18, 2007

a week after the first plans

I told him about it.
It went well, just about as I expected.
Trouble is, inspiration.
Or rather, tha lack of it.

Friday, June 15, 2007

summer is in the way

kids at home as of today - school's ended.

I wonder how will I have the time and time alone and the inspiration to go on working on the project...
On top of that my husband scorns on my sitting in front of a computer. On one hand he's right for I spend way too much time here and I should be getting much more outdoor time.
But as I set my mind on pouring all my creativity towards writing this particular thing - I think I'm going to write it in a notebook only to copy it into here later, when he's not at home...Shame on me to let it go like this...
I hope the more outdoor time I have the more experience I gain so that I'll have inspiration when I have time to sit and write.
See how it goes, right?
On a second thought:
I know 'my man' as a man of honesty and outspeaking. There's nothing hidden between us - except for this little blog of mine....
I've decided that I have to tell him - well, not the blog, but my ideas about writing :)
It can't rain all the time by Jane Siberry :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the way ahead

I gather information both from the inside and outside world and whenever I feel the urge I write down what I have in my mind. Sometimes I set myself to writing. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not.
I am experiencing with writing.
I think I have the title and I'm positive about having the main character.
It sounds stupid I know.
I keep this diary to watch myself in the process. To keep track of the events during creation - that, and rather than letting it slip through the loose net of my memory. I want to remember how it went.
The trouble is I have much less time now than I thought I would.
I think the deadline is not really late.

Monday, June 11, 2007

First words

this blog was created for the sole purpose of publishing the short story that is not yet ready. Parts of it have been made available on my other blog, but now I'm thinking of expanding the plot and the length of the story.
Writing the story in about 8-10 pages, in English.
December 2007.
In one go, when the whole thing is ready. No excerpts.
The photo in the header was made by IllMan.
Great and many thanks for him for that.