Friday, September 12, 2008

not quite there yet, but...

I started writing this WIP of mine for various reasons.
As you all know, it started as a contest entry for one of Jason's competitions. It gained no medal or special price whatsoever, but readers found it likeable and suggested to expand the original 250-word piece.
And I gladly started doing so.
Now the word count is 5,200 - including the newest addition of... uhm:47 words, yes, forty-seven... I wrote this very today whooohooo!
This made me wonder about the fate of Halo.
I am almost a hundred percent sure that it will not be published in any form.
I do not dream of being published and I do not wish to suffer through the various step and stages of publishing either.
I'd definitely like to get Halo read, at least by those I like, by those whose opinion I count upon. It is a piece of my soul, like a child, or like a secret garden within me I'd like to share.
And here comes the thing: I am almost positive that I have made some mistakes: grammatical or other. I would like someone read it before I make it available for all those people I value. Or...I might hand it out to those I think I will and ask them all to comment on anything they would like to comment.
I don't know yet.
Charles and Bernita, thanks for your kind words. And basically, I would like to thank all of you who visit and comment here or on my other, English language site...
I just wanted to let you all know that your feedback matters much to me.
I feel connected, I feel being heard -
thank you.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

was it really me?


I took a glimpse into my long-abandoned WIP. I found it interesting and started asking myself: was it really me who wrote these lines?
Perhaps I should be waiting for an inspiration.
The drive to finish it is here all right, and I've got a few ideas, too - but I don't feel I can write up to the standards of those lines, paragraphs and even pages. It's not that I feel I wrote something extra-special and outstanding.... I did not.
I simply like what I read.
And now I'm further away from composing a sentence or two.
Perhaps I should blame it on the long interval of non-writing...