Saturday, January 29, 2011

revision and title

yesterday i broke my habit of not revising my NaNo manuscript.

i started to revise it right in December, but found everything to my liking, so i decided it was not the time to revise, so i quit and have not revised/reread ever since.
but behold!
just yesterday i browsed my computer and somehow chapter 7 caught my eyes.
i read it at once in one reading (it is only 2300+ words) and...
i felt the same emotions between the characters i had felt when i was writing it in November.
chapter 7 is about the main character saying goodbye to all that ties her to her present life. to her friends, family (what is left of it, that is...), work, the flat she lives in, her landlady, her present lover, and a man she she also loves.
i recall having written this chapter almost entirely in tears, because it is so moving. or, so i felt. i don't know what reaction it will have on future readers, if there would be any, but it definitely made a strong impression on me.
yesterday's big surprise was that the words, that is, of chapter 7, still have the same impression on me when i read it.
now don't get me wrong. i am not saying that i am overwhelmed by my writing's quality. it's just that it makes me feel the same way over and over again.
question 1
do you think i am ready to revise?
should i wait some more - or is it already too late?
question 2
the Hungarian title translates to 'Pebbles of the Moon', or 'Moon Pebbles'
which one sounds better?
you see, i don't really get the difference between the two suggestions. do you?
if none of these sounds great, the book will go by the title 'Copper Moon'
'the book'
it is not even translated to English.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


all right, this is just a short check-in to make you see that i am alive.
i just don't seem to find time to toy with my manuscript, but, well, later on, sometimes...
in the meantime i sometimes do write, but whatever i write i write in hungarian.
i know i am not what people call a prolific writer.