Tuesday, January 5, 2010

first draft

I've finished the first draft of Halo. this is official :)))
actually, I have finished it a day ago, but the last few words are a poem written by one of the characters, and I had to do some research and generally, I disliked the way the poem was first written.
now I'm kind of satisfied with it and now I'll relax my brain. my plan is to revise it within a couple of weeks.
1. I understand that seeing a novel published is great a cause to celebrate one's authorship, but does finishing a draft have a same effect on you? do you celebrate it at all? I think this is highly personal... it depends on the writer as a person, and yes, this is what I'm interested in: people.
in the meantime I'll be sure to check out Jason's new contest. there are always a great number of suprising, inspiring and outstanding short pieces. I'm looking forward to read my friends entries, but I am open to read and enjoy all sorts of ideas, style and theme.
at the moment I have one idea in mind, that might make a nice poem as an entry, but I'll just see.
2. are you planning to enter?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

another full moon

this wonderful and inspirational photo was made by our next-garden neighbour.
I'm working on Halo again. I hope to finish it quite soon. This evening, when the kids were finally in bed (it's still school holiday, so it's quite difficult to make them go to sleep...) so I was pouring myself some tea in the kitchen and my husband was brushing his teeth before going to bed, and he was about to talk to me, which he did, but with not much of a success, for I saw my MC sitting outside a lonely railway station - and you all know the feeling :)))
you are invited to share some of these interesting spurs. tell us about a situation, funny/absurd/strange/normal as it may be, when inspiration hit you in the middle of something ELSE. like you were doing some shopping, but had to grab a pen and scribble a few words down on the shopping list for example. -