Friday, February 1, 2013


i wrote a short story while attending the online writers' course along March-May 2012.
our job was to show what we gathered during the course.
but i think the study topics were just too fresh for me and they had not yet settled in properly and my old routines show. which means that while descriptions, narration and characters areall right, the story lacks a real plot. there are just too many things jammed into one.
some make sense, others do not. it is like a big lake with lots of currents. you don't see which is important, which is not and you get lost.
there isn't any real conflict at all.
i let the story rest awhile, but during the last two weeks i revisited it.
i marked each different plotline with a different color.
i made myself think to create one real conflict. or a threatening aspect.
i tried to create an arch; where characters start and go somewhere and have a goal.
unfortunately it is in hungarian so there's no use sharing it here with you... :)
there are three betas plus my two kids to guide me.
and yes, this was the first time i re-wrote fiction with a definite target audience in mind.
and also, this was the first time my protagonist was punched in the stomach. so far my characters avoided any harm and i was taught that characters need to undergo soma harsh times to develop and to show their real face.
on a second thought i don't think this punch went really well this time, but hey, i have to start somewhere.