Tuesday, May 15, 2012

in the distance

I often listened to Mariza, sometimes the same song on and on again, while writing Copper Moon.
I am now fairly familiar with some of the main features that made the writing inappropriate for publishing.
Some writers are able to look at their own writing as someone else's, from a distance, but for me, creating this well-wanted distance took about one and a half years.
I know see that at some particular parts of the novel, my words simply do not, or not completely convey the background, the meaning I intended to say.
Sometimes main points and reasons are missing.
I mean, I make little of these explanations avaiable for the reader.
Yet some readers do prefer obscure writing and like to discover the story on their own.
Strangely enough, some of the actions in the story have the opposite mistake. They are described to the most minute detail, leaving not really much to imagination.
Now I see all those mistakes.
Are those really mistakes?
I do not consider myself broken, although the music now makes me sad.
At the same time it makes me proud of what I accomplished with having written Copper Moon.
It may take a while to polish to let it shine.