Friday, August 7, 2009

feeling the moon

I found that somehow the Full Moon has an influence over me.
I'm more sensitive, inspiration seem to just come... I don't mean it makes me a better writer at all, but the flow is higher - and does it make me a werewolf?
do any of you experience anything similar?

Monday, August 3, 2009

not so good news-or are they?

summer's here and the kids are at home.
I have next to nothing in the inspiration department so all I can do is frown at my own non-compliance of my wow to keep on writing.
sad and pathetic I know, but I'm sure it will get better.
it just can not get worse I'm afraid :))
but no, that ain't true.
I did write four poems inspired by a short-lived strange feeling toward a special someone, plus I wrote a fifth one inspired by a long-span strange feeling toward one (other) special someone - coding, just coding here, my all...
*edited by me: all the five poems are in Hungarian, but one of them is translated into English with the help of my blogging-friend Chris.
which means that yes, I can pat myself on my back for in case of a definite need, there *is* inspiration and writing.
what else can anyone hope for?
I hope you are going on fine with your writing projects, my dear.
be well,