Friday, July 8, 2011

a little hiatus

i know it's been a while - this note is only a short reminder that i am still alive out here :)
now i have another writing project going on, and i am planning to return to revise Copper Moon.
when i finished writing while doing NaNo in November 2010, i totally believed that i would revise the short story in December, or January at the latest.
but life interfered... and my lazyness...
i did some re-readings, some minor revisions, but most of the writing remained untouched. i am still aware of the elements of the story/polt/characters/events that needs major or minor polishing, and i hope to finish it some time later on.
i have some notes, suggestions for corrections and i still have the story in my head. which is a sure sign that Copper Moon is not yet finished - :)
there is hope, isn't there?