Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what is it?

it happened just a couple of hours after having lamented here on the lack of ideas....
i had to take a train and then had to walk 30 minutes...
i watched the signs of autumn around me....
i was asking myself the following questions:
why do i suddenly find my original idea for NaNo'11 somewhat boring?
(a post-apocalyptic half-romance, half-realistic story centered around a middle aged woman who has nearly lost everything but her faith?)
is it, and/or the setting truly boring?
is it overrepresented/overshared in/by movies/modern literature?
what is you opinion?
can i come up with something i, the writer-to-be like?
answers to question 1 are kindly waited/appreciated among the comments of this post, thank you very much :)
one potential answer to question 2 was this: whoa, yes, and i started scribbling frantically on the street, not really caring about the passers-by. mind you there were not many of them, you see, it was a bit raining :) :)
so i have this other idea: it's about a half human, half other-wordly creature, and their species is about to invade the earth.
what dou you think about it?

Monday, October 24, 2011

i'm not so sure :(

in 2010 is ventured into NaNo-land, because i had an idea in my head, an idea that would not leave me. it grew in my head and all i did was letting it out with the help of NaNo's community and rules.
2010 November was painful and funny, rewarding and challenging a the same time.
i got attracted to it :)
i was, and still am toying with the idea of doing NaNo again.
trouble is that i lack any strong idea, any notino that would refuse to eave me.
this time last year i was scribbling notes to self about the future story, was writing outlines and sketching characters. at present i don't seem to have any of these moments :(

Saturday, October 22, 2011

NaNo again... ?

it is inevitable...

we all see it coming...
november, the month of NaNo.
do you plan to participate?
what are your plans?
(share as much as you feel appropriate)
as for me, i have not written anything long since the NaNo in 2010.
that piece is still not finished.
something at the back of my head keeps telling me that it is unwise to start a new project without finishing the old one(s)... any pros and cons?
i do have a plan for 2011, though...
in a post apocalyptic setting, it's a story about someone evaluating his (her?) former life and personal connections, relationships to lovers and friends.
i am still lacking the main purpose, hee.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

an ice-breaker

wow, just today i sent a 10 thousand-character piece of Copper Moon to a publisher/editor/whatever. she is a reliable person, not just 'some random people from the street', so i knew what i was doing, don't worry about me :)
i consider it a small step on my way.
and yes i know, this is just the beginning.
finally, i am turning my mind again to that writing.