Saturday, March 30, 2013

an interesting homework

in the writers' group i attend we had a fun homework.

we were given a list of seven, really serious writing mistakes.
we had to write a short story (more of a flash fiction) and we had to commit all the seven mistakes at least once.
as soon as i found out the plot i began writing and began seeing the characters behaviour and interaction.
it was a shorty short piece and i kept it under 250 words.
at first i wrote the 'good version' and then the 'bad'.
limiting word count is an extremely useful tool. it shaves off all the unnecessary words and the useless ones, too.
i can't thank Jason enough for introducing me to this technique.
i use it even when i write articles for the agricultural monthly paper.
and Vesper, this little exercise was uplifting. i liked writing it, liked the polishing and kind of like a naughty child, liked committing the mistakes. hee :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

fearing the influence?

a friend of mine is the middle of writing her first novel  - i didn't know about that and offered her the first anthology our writers' group had published two years ago.
since this friend of mine has just joined our group i wanted to give her some perspective about it.
i think it was a neat idea, hm?
she politely refused, saying that she was writing at the moment and didn't want any influence on her style.
she may be right - even if the writer has his/her own strong way of writing, there is still an unwanted influence.
when i was writing Copper Moon, i read nothing.
right now i don't particularly write anything, so i read a lot. books, all style, articles, scientific or everyday.
how about you?
is 'not reading' while being heavily engaged in writing is the sign of uncertainty? a sign of weakness? or is it just the lack of time?
can a certain reading have a positive influence on your writing?
say one of your characters is a vain young lady and you read something about the hype around the opening of a new shopping center. this might just be the necessary bit of information to make your young lady more alive. hm?
what are your experiences?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

snowflakes in the spring

does any of you have experience with the snowflake method (speaking of writing)?
right now, just right now, i am not writing anything fiction, but i have an idea (or three) in my head.
since i consider myself a plotter (as opposed to a pantser) i have a serious intention to give the snowflake method a go.
any personal experience, good or bad is welcomed.