Sunday, March 1, 2015

Different types of escapes

(You may want to see the official definition of escape.)
The role of writing in escaping, and writing as an escape in general: issues that have always been in the focus of writers.
Some write to create a whole new world, new sets of rules, new buddies, new tasks ~ anything new, other~wordly, or simply 'anything else' will do instead of those the writer faces in his everyday life.
Some write create a parallel universe to fantasize about their real~life problems. These writers tend to kill their demanding and unjust boss, take over the rule of the world (or at least, a small village), get their loved ones, or ditch their present ones.
At the moment I can not think of a third (or fourth) category (type), so feel free to add your ideas in the comments section. Genuinely new categories will be incorporated to the post.
Escapism must be coming from a problem unsolved.
I guess any type of escape can help the writer (or the reader) find the solution to his problem. For the first glimpse the first type looks more creative, but the second one a better way to cope with the original problem, but my judgement is biased as my escape~writing belongs to the second category.
What is your take on the usefulness of these two (or more) types?
Where do you feel your writing belongs?
(if you write for escape, that is...)