Tuesday, January 29, 2008

swap scenes

Ironically speaking, it seems that for the time being, I will not earn money by writing and becoming famous as an author - I have lots of other work. Actually it is translating EU documents and informative material, so I keep sitting in front of my computer for hours, which does not leave enough brain and eye capacity for me to work on my WIPs.
I keep telling myself that if the story wants to get out of my head, it will find its way no matter how loaded I am.
Today, as I was walking to the store (it took me 4 hours back an forth plus shopping) I had time to think over some aspects of the current story.
I am not completely satisfied with the events occurring in 'Halo'. I do not want my story loaded with actions. It is so not about fights and actions.
Also I will swap two scenes to get a better approach to the character.

I was thinking of some backstory. Something that explains the present behaviour of the main character. A memory from the past that illuminates some of the strange things Hail does.
- - -
Do you swap scenes, too?
Do you like stones, too?
Photos go out to Bernita!

Monday, January 21, 2008

a little reminder

This photo of the Full Moon, made on 21 January 2008 in our garden is a reminder. It alludes my mind back to the original track of writing THAT short story.
No, I have not forgotten about it - although I'm much more obsessed with the present work (Halo) at these days and weeks.
Right now, I don't have much time to write Halo either, but that I will probably finish in January, as I promised myself.
Many liked the drawing I made and I thank the words of encouragements from you. The drawing below is, or can be a great scheme for a great chain of events in an interesting landscape. However, the chief focus of Halo is not this field of adventure, nor are the events that actually or potentially take place within this environment. Which means that I don't think I will explore every part of the drawing. Basically, the story is not about this landscape and the potential events in it. It is about the protagonist, his stance and development.
I have to remind myself to my original purpose. Otherwise I might get lost in the 'maze' of my words. Perhaps all I need is a little break of a few days to re-think about the idea.
I think the original idea is/was neat, or...uhm...sort of interesting.... and I think I'll stick to it.
I know I have asked a similar question once, and the best answer I got was: 'I stick to my pen' - but as I have a purpose with 'Halo', I have to brush aside words that are not closely related to my subject. 'Halo' is not a novel - it's going to be a short story of about 3000 words... I simply don't have a span wide enough to wonder around contemplating events and feelings that are not STRICTLY important.
What would you do?
Write those wanderings anyway only to delete them at the end if they do not fit?
Or save them for whatever might come later on, for a future story?
Or discard any non-related material to stick with the original plan?
This latter is my option, but how about you?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

slow progression

I sort of working my way through.
Slowly. Who cares about speed, anyway?
I re-read what I have written so far and I sort of like it.
I'm at 2200 now.
My main character is in the forest, where most of his interesting adventures take place.

I made a drawing. I wished to find out more about the story. I just made it up.
Here it is:

Now I keep returning to it and working the story somehow along the drawing.
UPDATED on 20 January:
I have some work to do, so I have less time to 'Halo'.
Do you usually make drawings to help you go with the story along...or dou you have it only in your head?
Do you find drawings liberating or restricting in some way or another?
If you're not writing, do you draw as a hobby?
Apart from this one above I can not draw at all. I regret it though, I wish I could...

Friday, January 11, 2008

UPDATED - Growing into where?

Dear readers,
It seems that the first paragraph took away the post. Yes, I do complain about not writing too quickly, and I thank for Ropi's and Charles's contribution on being a fast or slow handed writer.
But the main issue is NOT time.
Please read further for the more important aspect.
It is about how much you give about into your writing; how much of your own material can you work into your characters - for the sake of being enthusiastic and believable it is all right, but there are serious drawback as well. If I was unclear, I'm sorry.
I don't really wish to debate further on the time I spend with writing a piece.
The other one is THE question.
Now, here's the post:
I'm at 1400 words with Halo. (Now, don't laugh please. I know some authors write thrice as much during one single afternoon.)
This project keeps infiltrating into my life. I feel the words and the feelings of the main character within me. However I balance on the line between making Hail resonant with my own thoughts and separating him away from me.
For God's sake, he's not me, is he?
At first I found it hard to give him a complex character. I had the most important features of him right away, when I first thought of him, but later on he showed more of himself. Or was it me, investing more of my own self into him?
Do I make sense here, btw?
Somehow or other, all writings are based on the writer's own experience. But to what degree that mine is deplenishable? Will it ever get empty -
Will that ever happen?
Or will it happen sooner than one thinks?

Monday, January 7, 2008


I'm planning to finish Halo this month.
I was planning to use the longer story (Copper Moon) by December 2007.
Do any of you think I can meet my plans?
Of course you'd reassure me and give me some encouragement, which I'd duly accept. My heart would rise, so I would geniuely be happy with your warm comments.

But -
I think some themes/topics have their due time to be written.
Some of you, knowing of my other blog, might have read the poem about a drawing in the sand - it is quite a symbolic one, but everyone with a heart and attention was able to grab the meaning -so do the comments reveal.

It was about a haunting and how I deal(t) with it.
I simply had visions in my head, I felt the urge to write the poem and so, not really caring about the format and words entering my mind, I did.
I wrote it and it feels quite allright.
Now the motivation has gone, I've dealt with a certain problem and I seem to have solved it.
- - -
Halo is within me, to be written. I know it is about something I deal with in my everyday life as well. I happen to believe that writing it will help me solving that problem, or help me throw some understanding on it.
I doubt I will ever write a story about a person like Hail, when I'm ready with Halo.
- - -
I do not plan writing stories. They are within and if they are not within anymore, I see no use of writing them any longer.

How about you?