Monday, December 28, 2009

a few words before it's over

UPDATE: I browsed this blog only to find my thoughts about music and about finishing Halo QUITE a time ago. ouch. I've been postponing finishing for quite a heap of justified and unjustified reasons for such a long time it hurts now just to think about it.
what is over?
no, not the blog - although it has shown positive signs of dying over the past few months. I am sorry for that.
I was kind of distracted from writing the story (named Copper Moon) this blog was set up for in the first place.
first I started to write another piece (named Halo), got on with it quite well - well, at least it has been the good case for a couple of weeks, but I'm kind of stuck now. to be honest I have been stuck with Halo for a good couple of month now.
I have written some 5,2k words and the story is about to end within a few pages. according to the original idea, there are only 3 scenes left.
the problem is that Halo is more like a vignette. a vignette of 5,200 words? - I hear the roar and/or laughter from the virtual distance.
I have to face it: the story has no real story. it's rather like a description of someone's mental and physical breakdown. no real plot. no real evolution of the main character. Halo kinda lacks all these. it does give hints and suggestions, some of the passages are quite likeable and realistic, some others need some revision, some passages fit into the story quite well, some others seem to fit a much larger story instead.
I think I just have to force myself to finish it (= write those final 3 scenes) and decide later on about the manuscript. UPDATE: I have already added 1K+ characters to Halo today. Who-hoo.
1. any opinions?
and finally, thoughtful Rick has asked me not to let music take the place of writing. heh, if only he knew I took up singing :)))
he will know now, and there's nothing wrong with it. I sing in a women's choir, we do religious and folk songs, and the like.
but I think I quite accept his thoughts about finding it hard to escape music in this modern era of ours. some people even go further into claiming that 'they refuse to be in silence' - now that is so very sad. these people do not allow their inner voice be heard by themselves. either b/c there is none... or b/c those frighten/tire/bore themselves...
I'm all into music, and with a few exceptions, I like all sorts of it from ancient pagan chantings to folk songs, from Mozart to System of a Down to ambient...
but sometimes it takes silence to get your thoughts heard.
so, what is over?
why, 2009 of course.

2. How was your writing year of 2009?