Monday, October 25, 2010

NaNoWriMo 2010

it all started with a photo in February, 2007.
i toyed with the idea for a while, and even had a conversation with the main character in the summer of 2007.
for a while, there were other projects of writing and not-writing.
i started and finished Halo.
Vesper revised it, helping me genereously with grammar and plot issues.
i will revise Halo again.
it is on its way.
at the beginning of October 2010, while in Holland, i got a strange inspiration towards Copper Moon.
this is the news i wanted to share with you, but my accident interfered. it still does, but i digress.
i saw new characters and plot-lines emerging.
i was and still am, thrilled by the new possibilities.
i am still unconvinced that this will make a novel, but again, i digress.
i wish to finish it and i signed up at NaNoWriMo.
i will write it in hungarian.
the aim is to write 50,000+ words.
i will just see.
good luck to us all.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a long way to go :)

i have started to adjust Halo according to Vesper's notes.
basically, i accept all grammar suggestions; and try to find an alternative wording for every strange or unclear spots.
halo is 13 pages, 32,000+ characters - i go slowly.
here's one example of the unclear spots.
the original text, now edited between three stars goes like this:
***He kept the uphill march (...) towards his goal. He panted with the late morning heat. His physical score was somehow lower now – he needed food. ***
i bolded the expression Vesper questioned.
in italics, here's what she added:
Maybe ‘condition’ is a better word here, or maybe something like ‘He felt weeker now…’
the thing is, Hail (the main character) is playing a computer game at the moment. i fancy this is a game where the state of the player's physical, mental and spiritual characteristics are displayed in a scale-like fashion. if a player scores low on the physical, it means that he is weak. the reason behind weakness can be either hunger, a previous attack, age (too young or too old), or lack of certain muscle development. if one scores high on the physical it means he is strong.
i wonder if should go like...
/-/He panted with the late morning heat. His score on the physical scale was somehow low – he needed food./-/
what do you think?
at the same time i am quite happy to say that on my trip last week i have returned to my beloved copper moon.
more on that subject later on.