Friday, December 31, 2010

NaNo news 14

i think the necessary time to separate myself from the manuscript has elapsed.
just the other day i have started to re-read chapter two again and voilá - i got no further than the second paragraph and found at least five 'already's.
i think i'm in a good state of mind to see the mistakes now :)
have a happy new year filled with bunches of new manuscripts for ya all!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

NaNo news 13

before i started revision, i wrote a few lines about the purpose of each chapter. like in chapter 2 for example, the aim is to 'get the reader know about the family the main character arrives into' i wanted to describe the events and circumstances that 'precede the birth of the main character', because she is a fetus to be born at the very beginning.
the reader finds out how 'the parents had met', how the 'family of the mother rejected the father' being part of the family in the future, etc.
at the end of chapter two, there is a strong indication that 'the main character comes to life'.
these are the very words i sketched for myself before starting revision.

i have revised chapter 2, and sent it via email to that someone i mentioned earlier.
i corrected all typos, subject and verb mismatches and the like. believe me, there were only one or two of these throughout the 4100+ words.
i don't know if i'm doing it right.
i seem to be getting lost somehow :(((

Thursday, December 9, 2010

NaNo news 12

i have finished it and let it rest for a week.

i have changed the title in the hungarian version. to me, in my own language, 'copper moon', or as it was in hungarian 'velvet moon' and 'bronze moon' sounded cheesy.
and in general, almost any [adjective]+[noun] sounds cheesy as a title.
unless it's a strange/strikingly new/original combination it does sound either cheesy or boring. I mean, even i would not buy a book with the title 'velvet moon' (in hungarian).
so now the title is changed into h_oldk_avicsok, which roughly translates to 'pebbles of the moon'.
i wanted to include the moon in the title but faced that since the twilight series (which is a huge attraction in hungary, too), reading the noun 'moon' on a title almost instantly makes the reader associate that book with the series.
which is a sad thing, for beacuse of this newest and successful branch of pop literature, some words might just go missing from the vocabulary of normal people.
it's not that i haven't watched all the 3 parts.
yup, i did an in almost one go.
shame on me?
but i don't want people associate the series with me and my novel.
if you ask me though, i am all team jacob.
but that little secret should remain between you and me :)))
now i have a friend who helps me with the first revision.
we go chapter by chapter.