Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jerom and his story

yesterday i wrote a short story called Jerom's story.
here's the synopsis:

Jerom finds himself locked in a mental asylum. most of his inmates are criminals. Jerom is convinced he himself is not insane.
he makes friends, starts to feel at home, but still does not know why he is locked up here in the first place.
on a rainy day he starts hearing voices talking to him.
eventually, he becomes insane.
the staff finds out and reassures him in his (new?) state of mind.
Jerom finds being insane a great way to feel happy about being locked in.
he no longer cares about the reason.
now, i planned to have a second part and a third part, too.
in the 2nd part, the reader finds out about the reason Jerom is in the asylum, that is, when the crime is described.
in the 3rd part, the reader finds out about Jerom's background, uhm, like a neglecting and/or abusive relative or something like that.
now, i don't think i want to write part 2 and 3.
my reasons:
to keep the intensity of part one, part 2 should be gory and sick. i don't think i want to write that way.
part 3 on the other hand, should be a cover-up for Jerom's sin.
and i don't think i want to give Jerom a pat on the shoulder. i don't think i want to take away the guilt. if Jerom did wrong, he should be punished. if Jerom, say, mutilated and or killed his wife, or set a little baby on fire - this is crime and evil. i don't want to give hims redemption by saying: 'oh, you poor Jerom, you did have a nasty childhood'.
what's your opinion?