Wednesday, February 8, 2012

another good news

next friday, the writers' group i attend will hold a meeting with one of the editors, who accepted my story. of course, the reason for asking her to attend our regular meeting is not my story :)
she will be here to give a short lecture about editors, about what editors expect from authors, about the inevitable cooperation between editor and author and so on.
on a side note, my copper moon will be acknowledged for having been selected for an e-book edition as well.

Monday, February 6, 2012

howl along with me :)

for i am excited.
at the end of the second round the editors UPDATE: one of the editors chose my writing to get published as an e-book.
i know next to nothing about e-books.
i don't know if this ruins/lessens/alters the chances of getting it printed in a traditional book.
for when it comes to e-material, i for example, don't spend a penny.
ahem, i know, it is quite a debated issue, so let's not talk about it :)))

i am EXCITED, excited and excited a bit more, and i howl for two reasons:
it is full moon
full moon has a definite key position in my story. if it was of any doubt for any of you, my Margaret is a werewolf :)))

being excited is one thing, and i am still to hear your similar stories. share any of your strange reactions when your first/second short story/novel/thing was accepted/published.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

the second round

now my story is in the second round. it is currently being revised by an editor, but at the same time, the second chapter is now public for readers, practically to anyone. within a couple of days i get to know whether my writing gets to the third round. if it gets a negative response from one editor, it is over. if it gets a positive reaction, it goes to the second editor. this is how the selection works in this competition.
- - 
one of the readers commented. he said that the first chapter was disappointing to the point of being unreadble for him, but this second chapter was something completely different. he quoted some of my lines saying how much he liked them... go figure :))) 
- -
another reader, a woman said she found my sentences two short, and was expecting something interesting to happen. but that never did. i agreed with her: the length of the sentences are in reverse order with the intensity of the story. if you write in long, winding sentences, your story slows down. short sentences suggest intense action. well, i had short sentences, but nothing intense happened. i agree, this might disappoint the reader.
- -
the third reader, another woman disliked the characters and did not found enough motive for their behaviour. she liked that the reader is introduced into the mind of Nancy, but i think she was expecting some action instead. there was a metaphore which she did not noticed for example and found it confusing. at the same time she was right saying that some explanations are necessary for the readers' involvement. - -