Friday, September 7, 2012

in the distance 2

where i stand today, i see the mistakes, or most of them, of Copper Moon - and also the merits, if any, of the novel.
from where i stand, it is not easy to see the merits, but there surely are some.
you know, the time spent between today and the novel's writing has grown large enough.
i see Copper Moon as a writing.
it kind of hurts.
having taken part in a writers' course in March-April 2012, and having been part of a writers' supportive community eversince, i have been given lots of great insights and useful advices, either directly or indirectly.
but all these information made me weaker. i can no longer step up, raise my head and pronounce in a clear and definite voice that yes i am a writer.
i am just someone who used to write.
these days i just can not write.
i know so many rules yet i know i don't know much at all.
i felt much better when i used to write just by instinct.