Friday, October 16, 2015

Mixed emotions

(I am too lazy to browse around older posts to see whether this topic was covered or not, but either way...)
(And I feel kind of, no, kind of really stupid) to keep bragging about the very same novel I wrote in 2010. Every new post about the Copper Moon is a proof that I wrote the first draft and did nothing significant else with that particular writing ever since. It drowns me a bit. Copper Moon should have been edited and printed and sold out. Not in its present form, mind you, I know it's far from perfect...)
So one of these days I realized that it still lingers within me, although I don't think of being capable of adding another paragraph or page without the reader noticing the difference.
Five years passed and I changed.
I might not want to convey the very same message that was important for me back in 2010.
I might want to shift focus.
I might have to give up on it totally...if the non~writing/editing/polishing of it keeps drowning me.