Monday, February 15, 2016


I guess there is a saying out there about rejection letters. It goes along that the only person who doesn't get any rejection letters is the one who never submits any material to anywhere.
Well, I did submit two of my poems for a contest.
The contest is held by an off and online magazine that publishes a collection of writings two or three times a year. Each issue is preceeded by a contest, where the editors announce words to create an atmosphere, a call to the writings.
The winners get a small~ish,but fair amount of money and publication in the paper. This is how I got published my short story in the spring of 2014. The words were 'Voices in the dark'.
Now my poems were not good enough, but hey, I gave it a try.
This time the words the magazine used translate to 'Someone might enter' (the room).
I guess this is just the way. More contest, more writing... and sometimes, success :)


Charles Gramlich said...

I've definitely had more rejections than acceptances so far this year.

SzélsőFa said...

Wow Charles. With all that publishing background you have.
Your words are to remind me to be patient.