Sunday, September 30, 2007

Am I a writer?

I found a meme on Jason's site.
No one tagged me, which I really don't mind.

This meme is about the 5 strong points of myself, as a writer.

This is where the main problem starts.
Am I a writer?

What are the criteria of being a writer?
Is there any?
Is it like.....
Do I write on a daily basis? Do I get payment for writing? Are my things published?
No, No, and no again.
Yet, I don't think these qualify.
Are there times when I feel like that what I have in my mind, my feelings, my experience (being spiritual, physical, world-ly, or supernatural, are to best dealt with by putting them on paper?
Are there times when you can't resist the need to write? No matter how rare these times are? When writing is the only solution?
Do I feel drawn back to what I have written just to make it convey the message more and easier?
So I sometimes just let my writings be as how they are?
Do I sometimes feel my writings are inseparatably from my inner part?
Yes, and yes to all.
Do they qualify?
To Jason I said I was more pessimistic and tended to focus on my weaknesses. He gave me some good words of advice, which cheered me up a bit.
I gathered some strong points of myself, yes.
But I might keep the results for myself.
I don't always consider myself a writer in the first place. I'm just someone who sometimes writes.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dealing with writers' block

here's an interesting article.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

second run

A note for those who are new to this site:

this blog was called to live for the purpose of monitoring my process of writing a short story called 'Copper Moon'. I vowed to NOT post pieces. I will post the entire thing when it's ready.
I fancied writing 8-10 pages.
Now I have pieces that make up to like 7-8 pages, but the whole thing is quite incomplete and is totally missing a real plot.
I also said that I will never post again about not writing, so this is where I stop.
I'll be away for the weekend and I do hope to get the necessary solitude and distraction from my everyday life to think deeply about the progress I wish to make.
I'm thinking of getting orderly and coming up with a plot and get it right.
Chances are that the short story will be longer than I thought.
The main character does not seem to be doing anything, basically.
Technically speaking there's no action.
Only characters, 2 of them are important, to be honest.
Considering that it is 8-10 pages long, that really should not be a problem, though.
On the other hand, the lack of action is.
Okay, I'm off.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I am frightened how much of the entries comprise of whining over not-writing. I should say an end to this.
So here and now I promise not to write a single line about not-writing.
Writing this particular blog involves responsibility towards those who read. I feel I have violated the law of trust by basically saying nothing.
Stop it. Right now.

Friday, September 7, 2007

there are days

when the notion of keeping on writing this short story does not even enter my mind.
Days come and go, I do my chores, have some rest, regularly meet my virtual and real friends, blah, blah...
There are days when I re-visit the protagonist and all I hear is 'I'm just fine, there's nothing wrong with me, I'm ok' and everytime I hear this I have no intention of whatsoever to keep on writing the story.
I don't sense the energy around the main character, or - what I feel is all too peaceful and quiet to stir me to start writing.
Perhaps, I will return some days later on again....? Ask something else....?
Do not accept a 'happy face' message, no matter how honest that sign is - perhaps I have to ask questions.
Well, I'll see.