Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The end

No, no, I'm not quitting this blog :)

Right now I have a job so I don't and can't really concentrate on writing Halo, but the other day I was walking along the streets and ...
well, I was thinking about the end I imagined for Halo.
The idea, that sounded fun and a great ending seemed flat and well, not-so-interesting.
I don't know.
I thought it would be a funny twist.
Now I don't know.
I've even started thinking about alternative endings.
I think I will NOT be dealing with writing the ultimate ending* right now.
Things I have to finish with Halo are:
- a fighting scene between MC and someone else (I keep postponing writing this for some reason!)
- the scene that leads to the ending
- the ending scene with a dialogue between MC and someone else
- the aftermath*
I'm a great fan of various music.
From Mozart to Brenda Lee to Nina Simone, from Metallica to KD Lang, anything might come.
But give me some rock'n'roll and/or hiphop and/or rap and I no longer wish to say hello to you.
I' d say goodbye for good. Hee.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter comes with the turning of the seasons (coming of spring is March 21) and a Full Moon. In our family, there are two birthdays and a so-called name-day between 21 and 25 March. In Hungary, each day of the calendar is dedicated to two or three names. Those who bear that name usually have a small party to celebrate their name-day. My daughter is called Rozália and her day is on 4 September. We give her small presents and a cake. This is a small celebration.
A festivity is are great opportunity to write about various cultures, to give a hearty description of events, clothes, customs, behaviours.
Real or fictional, they provide interesting reads.
Also, one might write about a local or family event, like a birthday.
I have not covered festivals and/or special customs in my writing, but I think I will certainly do.
Special customs create an athmosphere of a circle and all those who are not in, are out.
How many birthdays/special festivals, be them fictional or real, have you written about?
Do you like covering the subject?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mines and yours

Jason exploits some of his own childhood experience while coming with a cutting edge psychological piece. It takes the form of a dialogue. It starts with simple questions only to reveal the disturbing truth beneath a shiny surface.
Events of childhood, as he puts it in his comment in response to my comment, can lead to stress in adulthood.
Traumas are almost always excellent sources of writing. To me, they are golden mines. If I am the one who went through some suffering, my writing about it helps me in the first place. And if my personal hell somehow matches the reader's own, then my writing might be of some help for him as well. Double the advantage.
When I read about personal sufferings that were not part of my life though I am either
1 - bored, because the stuff has no relevance to my life at all.
2- releaved and loose, because I thank Heavens for not letting me having to experience such horrors.
It's so good to see that what is yours is not mine.
At the same time, opportunity is always there. What was/is yours can be mine. So it's better to be aware.
I like psychological writings. I think Halo somehow will be psychological, too. Provided I'm writing it.... At the moment I'm not.
What's your take on mines and yours?

Monday, March 10, 2008

the four-piece exercise is over

Chris has set up a special place where all the entries can be read. This blog is up until we all have evaluated each other's entries.
This exercise was something special - we were told that there would be 4 pieces, and each piece was writtten according to special parameters given to us by Chris.
The parameters are on the sidebar of that blog, while the entries are posted as blog entries.
I don't know if outsiders are allowed to comment, but I accept any (supportive) comment as to the grammar, structure, flow, story, way of telling, vocabulary, or anything of my entry.
My entry is about 1000-1200 words long - You might leave your comment here.
If you do not have time to read my entry through, that is all right by me.
Sometimes you just don't have the time.
I find myself quite occupied at times, too.
When your brain is crowded and you need some intellectual refreshment, yet you do not have time to read 3000+ words, really brilliant words...
What dou you do at those times?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Maps and directions

I thought I would be finishing Halo by the end of January.
Well did I finish it?
No, not even by the end of February.
I work as a freelance translator and I got some unexpected loads of work for February and March.
anytime inspiration hits, though, I keep returning to it and add a few lines.
I'm sorry I can't feed you with some really interesting entries these days...weeks...
Also, I don't think I will explore every part of the drawing. Basically, the story is not about this landscape and the potential events in it. It is about the protagonist.
I have one final scene, a fight scene and the last few paragraphs.
Hell I think I'm halfway through with Halo.
Isn't that great?
Even if I'm not writing it these days...weeks...
There's progress nevertheless.
How's your progress, my dear reader?