Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I am stating the more than obvious when I say that I am not a writer.
For a writer writes.
Some people write for getting their names printed. I am not one of them. Well, not now. I used to be that person but since I have been publishing professional articles in monthly agriculture magazines since 2009 I am good. The need to get my name on printed paper is checked.
Some people write for getting paid. With those magazines? Check.
Some people write for handing out advice, to get their opinion heard with masses. With those magazines? At times, check, too. 
Some people strive to enter the realm of literature or at least, some part of it.
Well, I also got into two of the anthologies of our writers' group these years. I got only into two and not four because I declined the latter two opportunities for financial reasons.
But some people write because there is something buggering them and they either found the solution or are in the way to get there. Well at times, I am one of those.
There is hope :)
You know, I wonder if those magazines get all my creative juices and there is nothing left for 'other' writing.
If this is not the case then I am either 1) lazy or otherwise hindered to get my thoughts in order and set writing or 2) I have nothing to say.
If writing articles for magazines do take my juices it means that I am low on writing power then I have two options 1) accept it and write only when absolutely needed. Those do happen, mind you. But like one or two times a year. 2) raise my activities in one way or another.
So much for today and I am leaving for the moment with this photo.
Taken in 18 November 2015 in the Pilis Mountains.
Oh well, this Thursday our writers' group is to have a public reading. More on that later.


Charles Gramlich said...

In part for me, writing has become habit. I don't know what else I'd fill that time with. But at the heart, I get involved in the stories and want to tell them.

Vesper said...

I write because I like to immerse myself in all those different worlds and live all those different lives. I wouldn't be complete without it.
Publication is a dream, I have to admit it, but not a purpose.

SzélsőFa said...

that sounds just right. I'm glad it works this well for you.

I understand how this parallel world may make a life complete. And you too, do get published :P
(I don't think living in a fictional world is my way, though. Maybe I am bound to this particular life. It may be a blessing or a burden. I don't know. But I may be wrong here completely.)